Friday, December 27, 2013


      I was just finished setting up all my Google account, and i think Google is awesome. They almost have everything that we need in internet world.

      I also just started my AdSense and i wish it would be my income in the future (or maybe just additional, because i am not really good in writing things.

      I think almost all of you do not like Google+ so much, but i think Google+ is awesome. Maybe many people thought that Google+ took a shortcut way to become popular and it looks like it forces people to use it. I think it is better to not to think negatively with Google+ and just take the positive-sides of it. Google+ has many features and those things are very useful.
This is just my opinion and all of you are free to give an opinion, right? So, just take what do you think useful and good and let the negative things away.

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